Assure Infrastructure


Your infrastructure is changing all the time. There are new products and releases to keep up with. Upgrades can go badly. Management always wants to evaluate new vendors. You need to re-certify yourself on many products to keep up to date. Security policies are getting more complex. Disaster recovery is moving to the cloud. And on and on.

Of course, you do not have the resources available to assure whatever change is going into production will work flawlessly.

Pensa’s cloud-based test, demo and POC labs solve these issues. WIth a library of template configurations and pre-loaded software, you can create (or even import) configurations with your exact versions of software in minutes. Create an environment that is similar to your production environment and actually run it!

  • Test upgrades before you do them
  • Try new security policies before rolling them out.
  • Test different versions of software to assure they work well together
  • Evaluate new features in software before implementing them

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