Cloud-Based Infrastructure Development

Pensa’s cloud-based DevOps environment enables infrastructure developers and engineers to quickly create an environment that shares all the critical components of your production environment.

After creating your environment from our library of components, or simply importing them from your production environment, Pensa enables you to modify the environment, create a running version and test the new environment before exporting it to production.

Virtual Lab

  • Bring up an entire custom live virtual lab with one button push
  • Match virtual lab configuration to production


  • Import from current production
  • Application deployment plan designer including application and infrastructure nodes and connections
  • Static validation of application deployment plan
  • Sizing calculator
  • Large library of components to design from (all layers) from many vendors
  • Ability to model and import 3rd party software and infrastructure components


  • One-click deployment of application deployment plan including application and infrastructure
  • Deploy on Pensa Hosted Lab, Public Clouds or Private Clouds
  • Store and share deployment blueprints


  • Run the actual software using its native interface
  • Run traffic and transactions to evaluate results (for example, security policies)
  • Do actual upgrades
  • Test inter-operability between applications and infrastructure elements


  • Export configuration, policies and actual VMs to production
  • Export application deployment plans into other cloud native formats (AWS Cloud Formation templates, Openstack Heat, etc.)

Out of the Box Support

VMware vCenter 6.0U2, 6.5.0d
VMware NSX for vSphere 6.1, version 6.3
vRealize Network Insights version 4.0.0
vRealize Log Insights version 3.2


Windows Server 2012R2
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2016 Core
Windows Desktop 2010


Palo Alto Networks Virtual Firewall VM-1000-HV


Load Balancers
F5 Big-IP Local Traffic Manager
Nginx Loadbalancer


Traffic Clients
HTTP clients and servers
MySQL clients and servers


We have the ability to add to the elements in the list above as needed.
Pensa deploys your configurations with real hardware and software.  With one click, native interfaces are available for VMware products or any other VM.

Use Cases

  1. Test upgrades before you do them.
  2. Try new security policies before rolling them out.
  3. Test different versions of software to assure they work well together.
  4. Evaluate new features in software before implementing them in production.
  5. Design and validate Disaster Recovery scenarios.
  6. Evaluate attack vectors and vulnerabilities.
  7. Create live virtual honeypots to fool attackers.
  8. Sizing calculation for new application deployments, capacity planning.